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Martin Kelly & Ian McBryde, film-makers, Australia
Ian McBryde, writer, Australia


Spree, which was originally a page poem, was filmed over two days in an abandoned Melbourne warehouse. Ian McBryde features as the newsreader delivering fragmented headlines as the events he is reporting occur in real-time.

Spree page poem
Film-maker notes

Martin Kelly and poet Ian McBryde began working as twenty2frames, in 2017. Martin Kelly's idea of bringing a visual narrative to poetry that was written for the page was broached with McBryde and the two started working together. They have filmed other Melbourne poets reciting and have used this as a basis for their ongoing work. Visual narratives have been filmed in a number of locations including a Melbourne tram, Ballarat lake and the room of a tarot reader. Videos are filmed with a simple digital SLR and the help of resourceful friends.


Art Visuals and Poetry Film Festival, Vienna
Festival Silêncio, Lisbon (winner of best International Poetry Video)
ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster|Berlin
Newlyn Film Festival, England
Weimar Poetry Film Award, Germany


Ian McBryde is a Canadian-born Melbourne-based poet with ten collections published, two of which, Domain and The Adoption Order, were short-listed for The Age poetry book of the year and the Victorian Premier's Prize. McBryde is also an illustrator and photographer.

Martin Kelly takes photos and video and is inspired by words, people, nature, colour, sound and whatever the moment may bring.

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