Event 01: Murwillumbah, Australia
Saturday, 4 May 2019, 7.30pm
The Garden Gallery, 8 Bagoo Ave, Murwillumbah
World premiere event: Poetry + Video screening
Performing live: Matt Hetherington and Bronwen Manger
Tickets: booked out
Electronic press kit
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Mini-doco of event


Event 02: Global
The Wrong: Digital Arts & Culture Biennale
From 1 November 2019
Poetry + Video online exhibition

Profile by R.W. Perkins


Event 03: Muncie, Indiana, USA
Ball State University, Department of English
13 November 2019, 7.30pm
Poetry + Video screening

Our Bodies (A Sinner's Prayer) by Matt Mullins
Our Bodies (A Sinner's Prayer) by Matt Mullins


Event 04: Athens, Greece and other locations in Europe
Athens International Video Poetry Festival, and touring Europe
Mid-November to late-December 2019
Poetry + Video screening, with live poets, musicians, artists, seminars

Glitter by Jane Glennie
Glitter by Jane Glennie


Event 05: Kathmandu, Nepal
Word Warriors
Date to be confirmed
Poetry + Video screening, with participation of live poets, musicians and artists

Things I Found in the Hedge by Kathryn Darnell
Things I Found in the Hedge by Kathryn Darnell


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Broken Words
Broken Words by Maria Vella

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For their contributions, advice and assistance, thanks to:
Ari Raijas, Bronwen Manger, Caroline Rumley, Dave Bonta, Eduardo Yagüe, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Helen Dewbery, Jane Glennie, Karen Dawson, Lori Ersolmaz, Lucia Sellars, Lucy English, Maria Vella, Martin Kelly, Matt Hetherington, Matt Mullins, Mike Hoolboom, Nigel Wells, Pam Falkenberg, R.W. Perkins, Sanket Shrestha, the film-makers, writers and their collaborators.