Poetry + Video is a touring program of videopoems from around the world. An hour-long collection, it surveys diverse contemporary expressions of this hybrid form. A wide range of approaches includes: screen adaptations of page poetry, prose poetry, poetry from found text and media, animations, poetic cinema, text-on-screen, and spoken word.

The program is designed to be highly portable, and easily obtainable on request to screening spaces in any location. It is available to cultural organisations internationally during 2019-20.

Rain by Mike Hoolboom
Rain by Mike Hoolboom

Videopoetry is a genre of film-making with origins reaching far back into cinema history, especially within the areas of the experimental and avant garde. Beyond this, it is a modern manifestation of poetry itself, which began in ancient time as an oral form, and has been adapting and evolving with new technologies ever since.

Poetry + Video includes film-makers and writers at different levels of experience and reputation, from the most prolific, enduring and highly-regarded practitioners in experimental and poetry film-making, to newer artists with fresh and distinctive styles. Designed primarily for audiences in poetry, film and education, the program offers reward to anyone curious about ways of expressing word, image and sound.

To request the Poetry + Video program in your location, contact Marie Craven. A preview of what's to come...

Marie Craven (curator, Queensland, Australia), has made short films for over 30 years. Her work has exhibited extensively at international festivals and events, and gathered several awards. She first encountered videopoetry in 2014. Since then she has released over 60 videos in the genre, often in net-collaboration with poets and other artists around the world. Over the decades, she has freelanced as a teacher of screenwriting at universities, technical colleges and community centres, a reviewer of films and books, an arts administrator, and a curator of film exhibitions. She recently judged the 2018 Atticus Review Videopoem Contest, an online event based in the USA. Motivations for organising the Poetry + Video project are to expand awareness of videopoetry, and to celebrate the film-makers, writers, and the openness of the form.

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For their contributions, advice and assistance, thanks to:
Ari Raijas, Bronwen Manger, Caroline Rumley, Dave Bonta, Eduardo Yagüe, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Helen Dewbery, Jane Glennie, Karen Dawson, Lori Ersolmaz, Lucy English, Maria Vella, Martin Kelly, Matt Hetherington, Matt Mullins, Mike Hoolboom, Nigel Wells, Pam Falkenberg, R.W. Perkins, Sanket Shrestha, the film-makers, writers and their collaborators.