How It Works

Suitable screening spaces for the program
  • Poetry and film organisations, festivals and events.
  • Arts centres and galleries.
  • Universities, colleges and libraries.
  • Independent collectives for poetry, film and art.

How the program will be sent
  • The program will sent by regular mail on a USB stick, and can reach almost any world location.
  • All the videos will arrive in the format: HD .mp4 (h264), with a screen ratio of 1920 x 1080.
  • This format is the most widely compatible with all video projectors, as well as large screen TVs.
  • The videos have been created in high bitrates from their master files to give high quality resolution when projected.

Promotion in each location

Screening fees
  • Screening fees for the program are entirely negotiable.
  • Suggested fee for organisations and venues with budget resources: US$250.
  • For independent operators with little or no budget, fees will be waived.
  • The fees will be shared equally among the film-makers.

Contact Marie Craven to request the program in your location.

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For their contributions, advice and assistance, thanks to:
Ari Raijas, Bronwen Manger, Caroline Rumley, Dave Bonta, Eduardo Yagüe, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Helen Dewbery, Jane Glennie, Karen Dawson, Lori Ersolmaz, Lucia Sellars, Lucy English, Maria Vella, Martin Kelly, Matt Hetherington, Matt Mullins, Mike Hoolboom, Nigel Wells, Pam Falkenberg, R.W. Perkins, Sanket Shrestha, the film-makers, writers and their collaborators.